Why Your Kids Don’t Listen to You

Have you ever asked your child to do something but got completely ignored? Are you afraid this is becoming their go to pattern — particularly when they don’t get what they want?

It’s obvious: Parents who find themselves repeating themselves extensively are more prone to lose their temper.

“Not listening” is reported to be the most common among misbehaviors. When your child ignores your request, she is testing her limits.

While it is perfectly natural for children to test their boundaries, there is such a thing as going too far.

Your powers as parents are only going to grow if you can learn to consciously cultivate and co-define the boundaries and scope of limitations for your child’s behavior in a safe environment.

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1. Why Are They Not Responding to Your Requests?

There are many reasons kids don’t listen to you when you speak to them. Sometimes they are distracted, sometimes they intuitively feel that listening to you means stopping what they are currently involved in – but they want to continue. (notice the tendency for them to not listen to you when they know its time to turn the TV off, for example).

All children need a certain level of self-autonomy and power. Not listening is a means for them to express this need. Not listening is their way of telling you they want more control and power to make their own individual choice. It is natural that they want to begin to do things by themselves. . . But this doesn’t mean your child should dictate all the shots.

This is what Positive Parenting Solutions has this to say about it:

That doesn’t mean the kids get to call all the shots. You’ll learn how to give them power but within your boundaries. The result will be they WILL listen to you and the repeat – remind – repeat – cycle will come to an end.

2. How Positive Parenting Solutions Can Help You

We have teamed up with Positive Parenting Solutions to offer a unique, online parenting education course presented in high quality videos.

Included are in-depth readings and engaging interactives that will teach you why your children are not listening and how you can correct the misbehavior. Your relationship with your kids will be better, your home will be more fun, and you will be less stressed.

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Positive Parenting Solutions has tremendously impacted our family. There is no longer yelling and as a family we are able to enjoy each other instead of constantly being stressed out. This online course has put a new, refreshing perspective on the role we play as parents… – Shellie Stichman

If you’re ready for your kids to listen without you having to nag, remind or yell, click the button below to learn more about our free training.

3. Why It Works

Too often, parenting “advice” is short on details and leaves parents saying, “Oh that’s great to know, but what do I do next?” What good is parenting “advice” if it doesn’t teach you HOW to correct the misbehaviors that are creating stress in your life?

By enrolling, not only will you learn over 25 Tools, you’ll learn how to use them, when to use them and what to say.

4. Here’s all you need to do…

Click the button below to learn more. Within 30 seconds you’ll begin learning how to bring the “not listening” to an end.

If you find parenting to be wearing you out, this is the class for you. It does not have to be that way. The techniques you will learn in this course really work! – Carol Kozar

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